NY State Fee Increase and Record Reporting Change

The New York Legislature recently passed their 2019-2020 state budget and the bill includes changes that will have an effect on criminal research in the state. The budget includes a fee increase for the Office of Courts (OCA) criminal records access as well as a change in how records appear in the search results.

Fee Increase

The OCA fee increased from $65 to $95. The change is in effect as the budget has been signed by the Governor. The fee applies to NY Statewide searches as well as the following counties, which can only be searched through the OCA database:

Allegany, Bronx, Bronx Borough, Brooklyn Borough, Cayuga, Kings, Manhattan Borough, Montgomery, Nassau, New York, Orleans, Queens, Queens Borough, Richmond, Staten Island Borough

Record Reporting Change

Undisposed (pending) cases will no longer be accessible in the criminal records search. This part of the bill will require extra time for implementation and the state has one year from the date the bill is signed to fully remove these cases from the report.

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