Pre-Employment Credit Report

Pre-Employment Credit Report Sample
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A Credit Report is essential to the hiring process in certain industries. Management of personal finances can be an important indicator of an applicant’s ability to prioritize and manage corporate responsibilities, especially finances, and are a must if an applicant will be handling cash.

  • These reports feature the following information:
    • The Credit header will list the last three known addresses.
    • Employment information, where available.
    • Public record items, if they exist, including:
      • Tax liens (reported for seven years after a lien is filed).
      • Judgments (report for seven years after judgment is entered)
      • Chapter 7 bankruptcies (reported for 10 years following the bankruptcy).
      • Chapter 13 bankruptcies (reported for seven years following the bankruptcy).
    • Collection items: (if they exist) and their status.
    • A listing of accounts, in order from “worst to best” of creditors, allowing you to easily interpret the information.
  • Results are available in real time.

Credit Report Features

  • Up to seven years of public records are listed.
  • You also will see a list of other companies making employment inquiries into the applicant’s credit file.
  • Credit Reports require a name, address, Social Security Number, and a signed release form from the applicant.

Click here for a pre-employment credit report sample background check.

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