Civil Records Check

Civil Records Check
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Civil Records Check reports will reveal the record of civil cases where the applicant was either a plaintiff or defendant. They will show the nature of the complaint, status of the case, date of filing, names of plaintiffs / defendants and whether a judgment was entered.

This report is designed to be utilized only where the existence of such civil records would be a critical factor in an applicant’s suitability for employment.

Employers should use these records only when relevant to a specific job function and when backed by appropriate policies and procedures.

Civil Records Check Features

  • Civil reports are researched and completed through personal contact by the staff.
  • The following information is required for a civil records search: name, Social Security Number, date of birth, and the county and state of the requested search.
  • Reports include a combination of name, case number, case type, file date, verified by, plaintiff name, defendant name, defendant address, judgment date, amount and any comments.
  • Turnaround times average 1-4 days.

Click here for a sample civil records check.

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