Workers’ Compensation Background Check

Workers' Compensation Background Check
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The  Workers’ Compensation Background Check helps ensure that you hire employees with strong safety records. It lets you identify those applicants who pose a direct threat to the safety of themselves or others on the job or who have filed excessive claims.

Workers’ Compensation Reports must always be used within the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Workers’ Compensation Background Check Features

  • Reports include information collected at the state level regarding reports of injury and court-contested claims.
  • Reports will typically include employer’s name, date of each incident, time lost from work, type of injury, body part affected by the accident and disposition, but will vary by state.
  • gathers this information directly from each state’s records.
  • Report turnarounds average 1-2 days on most requests; some requests take longer due to state-mandated procedures.

Click here for a workers’ compensation sample background check.

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