About Fastrax

Accessing employment background information has never been easier! Selection.com’s Fastrax Select® is the most efficient and comprehensive system available and allows you to verify an applicant’s background information from the convenience of your personal computer.

Fastrax Select is an easy to use, web-based system that allows you to look up applicant records, order background checks, transfer reports, integrate applicant information into your decision-making process, fulfill federal requirements and much, much more. Whatever your need, login to Fastrax Select and utilize all the tools available!

What are the system requirements?

The minimum system requirements are: Windows Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 or higher and 128-bit high security encryption. We will assign you a login ID and password for access and schedule a training session timely so that you can quickly begin to utilize all the advantages of Fastrax Select!

What is the cost?

Nothing! Selection.com designed FASTRAX Select® to be a value added service. With this in mind, there is no charge to use this product.

Seamless integration with your HR software

One of the biggest advantages offered by Selection.com is the ability to tie into your HR software system using our Fastrax Web Service. With this seamless link, information is sent directly from your HR application to Fastrax Operations System. There is no additional setup required on our end to make this link happen and our technicians will provide any assistance necessary to help you during setup. Making our employee verification services available through a web service application puts Selection.com on the cutting edge of online development in the USA.

The Fastrax Web Service is built in .NET technology and allows integration through SOAP-XML — the IT-wide standard — running under 128-bit SSL. Our reports can be returned as raw xml, PDF or html formatted with your specific logo.

A single point of control

Many organizations use background checks as an essential step in their screening programs. Historically, conducting these checks has required the use of multiple vendors for different stages of the screening process. Those times have changed! Selection.com can provide virtually every component of an employee screening program and Fastrax Select® allows you to manage the entire program from one point of control and communication. We can also help you customize the unique screening steps that you require for each job classification.

Thousands of America’s most successful companies have come to depend on Selection.com to play a critical role in their hiring process. Now, you can put our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction to work for you throughout your entire screening program with Fastrax Select®.