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Employment Verification Report

An Employment Verification Check is particularly relevant where experience is essential for considering an applicant for employment.

Previous employment experience is often overstated, and sometimes purely fictitious. As a result, you’ll want to verify prior employment.

Verification is available for previous positions held, starting and ending dates of employment, eligibility for rehire and other relevant information about the applicant’s performance.

Report turnaround times average 2-3 days.


Employment Verification Features:
  • Employment verification is performed by experienced in-house SELECTiON.COM® staff members.
  • The following information is required to verify employment: applicant’s name, applicant’s phone number, employer’s name, employer’s phone number, city, state, and position held.
  • Other requested information includes: dates of employment, job title, last supervisor and Social Security Number.
  • The following information will be returned, whenever possible: quality of work, how well the applicant worked with others, attendance history, motivation, work habits, reason for leaving, and starting and ending salary.
  • Information that could not be obtained will be listed as “Not Disclosed” on your final report. A comment field is also used when applicable.
  • A detailed Log File is maintained and is accessible via Fastrax® to follow the progress of all employment verifications.
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Benefits of an Employment Verification Report

Verify Dates

Is your applicant being truthful about their time with past employers?

Ability To Work With Others

Is your applicant a leader or a person who gets along with everyone they meet?


Does the position listed on the application match what is in the previous employer’s system? Title falsehoods can be common on applications..

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