Education Industry Background Check Solutions

As educators and educational administrators, you are caring for the most important thing on earth- our children! You know that hiring is the most important decision you’ll make in the lives of the children your candidates will be teaching. Running criminal background checks on teachers, faculty, janitorial staff, teaching assistants, coaches and other extra-curricular activity staff is the most important first step towards ensuring safe classrooms and safe schools.

What’s unique about the education industry is the significant level of trust afforded to an educational institution’s staff and the credibility an institution must uphold. All staff have varying yet still significant degrees of access to people and property that can be negatively impacted by a “bad hire.”

SELECTiON.COM® executes screening programs for some of the nation’s top learning institutions.

SELECTiON.COM® recognizes that organizations have different criteria based on their industry, position being filled and other special requirements.

Please contact us to develop a customized screening solution based on your unique needs.

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