Just like on the beach, there is no SPF1000 for Summertime hiring

In the background check business, just like protecting against the Summer sun, there’s no sunscreen with a high enough SPF to completely protect against the potential perils of hiring teenagers. And with Summer hiring season beginning to heat up, more businesses are asking about the process, and even the validity, of conducting a background check or drug screening on a minor. Unfortunately, the answers […]


Hiring During Your Busy Season

Spring has sprung, which means hiring season is ramping up. Businesses across the country are preparing for summer and their busy season. They are stocking up on things like employees, merchandise and inventory. While getting ready for business to ramp up, you should also consider how you are hiring your staff. Small businesses often hire […]

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Background checks are an essential part of any hiring process. And while most companies think that criminal history along with education and employment verifications are enough— there is another way to find out more about a potential employee. Character references can be supplemental and used to verify more information about previous work experience.  SAMPLE QUESTIONS: […]



Team Fastrax™ participates in the 2017 Weekend to Remember This past week Team Fastrax™ [Sponsored by SELECTION.COM] flew to Mineral Wells, Texas to be a part of the 2017 Halo for Freedom Weekend to Remember. The Weekend to Remember consists of multiple events and activities aimed at providing fun and support for wounded warriors. This […]

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From time to time, some of our clients question why SELECTiON.COM® follows a QA process for our electronic database searches. Our SEARCH AMERICA® Reports come back showing “hits” about an Applicant.  This QA process takes some extra time to complete, but we believe that taking this extra QA step is important for two reasons: The […]

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CYPCLC Photo Diary

Last week SELECTiON.COM® attended the 12th Annual Child & Youth Protection Catholic Leadership Conference (CYPCLC). This year’s conference was held in Savannah, Georgia and was the largest event in the 12-year history. SELECTiON.COM® is a proud co-sponsor of the event, which provides over 200 church leaders with educational and thought-provoking speakers and activities. A nationwide […]

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Who Are You REALLY Hiring?

How do you really know who you’re hiring? Does the interview and application allow enough face-to-face time for you to really get a good read on an applicant? Do you have enough knowledge about the applicant to make a great hiring decision? In today’s workplace, background screening programs are a common part of the hiring […]

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Three Reasons to Keep Up-to-Date Employee Background Checks

Background checks and pre-employment screenings during the application phase are a vital part of the hiring process. Becoming equally important, as more employers are discovering every day, is the ongoing process of keeping track of current employees. It may not be the most comfortable announcement you make during your next staff meeting, but just because […]

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The Sweetest Words I Ever Hear

INFORMATION OVERLOAD Most of us are inundated with calls from marketers and sales people throughout the day, even if we’re not the one making the ultimate buying decision. So even though no one likes the sound of the office phone ringing incessantly, often times it’s easier to just let the call go to voicemail. Returning […]