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Our Search America® Background Check is THE standard in national criminal database searches. With over 1 BILLION records, from over 1,500 different sources, Search America® is an unparalleled tool to combine with prime source searches to ensure you have the most complete picture available of your applicant.

Search America® Features

  • This database also contains currently registered sex offenders with felony conviction records, compiled from sex offender registries available throughout the U.S. as well as a list of all foreign nationals (individuals and entities) that currently carry sanctions by the U.S. Government.
  • Search America® provides a powerful, high-speed, multi-jurisdictional search of various types of county, state and federal criminal records databases with immediate results.

Begin to supplement your current criminal search with Search America® today.

Search America® Resources

The Benefits of a National Criminal Database

Criminal History

Criminal history is a important part of any background check report.

Find Hidden Cases

Criminals will try and hide their history by lying about previous addresses. Find these hidden cases with a National search.

Widen The Net

A National search will widen the search area and uncover crimes committed outside of the areas your applicant has lived in.

Similar Reports


County Criminal Check

County Criminal Background Checks are an essential part of many comprehensive background check solutions. This reports criminal activity from individual, selected counties — anywhere in the U.S.

Federal Criminal Check

Federal Criminal Background Check reports will show if applicant has had any criminal cases filed against them that violated federal criminal law. This searches a specific federal district court’s records.


Civil Records Check

Civil records check reports will reveal the record of civil cases where the applicant was either a plaintiff or defendant, including the nature of the complaint, case status, date of filing, and judgment.

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