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Eviction Background Check

A state based eviction background check report will show how often (if ever) a potential tenant has been evicted from a residence. More often than not, people with evictions on their record have a history of multiple evictions. Since tenant laws lean in favor of tenants more so then landlords, eviction reports are vital to protect you from costly fees, lost rent, damages and the legal hassle of eviction. The eviction process is the most challenging part of the property management industry, and can be very lengthy, time consuming and costly. It can take up to 6 months depending on your state’s tenant laws. Typically an eviction will cost property owners $3,000 in court costs and fees that are often never recouped. The cost of damage, lost rent, and time also make evictions a nightmare for landlords.


Eviction Background Check Features
  • Eviction Record checks will include all information reported from the municipality:
    • Last Name, First Name
    • Address of Eviction
    • Judgment Information
    • Case Number
    • Case Details
    • Case Filing Date
    • Case Disposition
    • Amount
    • Plaintiff
    • Comments
  • Results are instant.
  • The SSN Trace Report is a recommended addition to the report, to identify addresses where the applicant has lived.
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