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BCI (OH) Fingerprint Check

Ohio Fingerprint checks are completed by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) in Ohio. Fingerprints are digitally scanned through our state-of-the-art equipment and sent on to BCI for processing.

BCI Ohio Fingerprint checks provide two levels of security to our clients. First, they identify risky new contacts- either hires or volunteers. Secondly, by creating a record of fingerprints for your applicants or volunteers, you are ensuring that if your employees or volunteers ever do commit a crime they will be caught and you won’t be exposed to further risk.

Who should get fingerprinting checks done? If you have employees or volunteers who have care of or custody of youth or elderly, we strongly recommend completing the Ohio Fingerprint Check.

OH (BCI) Fingerprint Check Features
  • Applicants may come to our convenient Tri-County Location in Cincinnati, OH.
  • Walk-in fingerprint hours are 8am to 4:45pm Monday-Friday.
  • For large groups, we will travel to you. For groups of 10-19 there is a small travel charge. For groups of 20 or more, there is no additional charge.
  • Free Parking is available.
  • Results are mailed directly from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation to the client.
  • Clients have the option being billed, or having the applicants pay cash at the time of arrival.

Due to the fact that results are generated by BCI and mailed directly to the client, we do not have a sample report available.

If you are an applicant or employee in need of our fingerprint services, please visit our fingerprint information page.


Benefits of BCI Fingerprint Checks Through SELECTiON.COM®

Friendly Staff

Send your applicants to our location and they will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable fingerprint staff.

Online Release Forms

We provide our most up-to-date fingerprint release forms online to help save your applicants valuable time.


We have 4 laptops available for on-site fingerprint sessions. Our Tri-County location accepts walk-ins from 8am-4:45pm, Mon-Fri and appointments from 4:45pm – 6pm.

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