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Motor Vehicle Report

Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs), often mandated by industry and legislative directives, are critical for positions involving driving, freight delivery, transportation of employees or clients, or other motor vehicle operations. MVRs are available from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, with some restrictions.

Typical Motor Vehicle Reports provide physical description, home address, dates verified, license status, license class, issue date, expiration date, restrictions, endorsements, CDL status and violations (including driving under the influence).

Turnaround times are instant for 42 states.

Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Louisiana, Michigan, New Hampshire and Washington may take up to 24 hours.

Pennsylvania turnarounds are longer due to state mandated procedures.

Motor Vehicle Report Features
  • Violations are listed by the following categories: DUI’s, moving violations and suspensions.
  • Details provided in each report are state specific and can include date of violation, code violated, specifics of violation, and points assigned.
  • MVRs will typically cover from 3-7 years of driving history, depending on state.
  • The following information is required to run MVRs: name, driver’s license number, state and date of birth.
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Benefits of a Motor Vehicle Report


Protect your company from costly litigation by establishing a clear and consistent MVR policy for applicants and employees.

CDL Status

Ensure your workforce has valid commercial driver’s licenses and prevent compliance issues.

Criminal Records

Discover criminal offenses such as DUI and driving without a license.

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