Criminal background checks reduce employee theft

Criminal Background Checks help reduce employee theft

The Importance of Background Checks Criminal Background Checks and Pre-Employment Drug Screenings are two essential components of any hiring process.  This blog entry shows why these background checks are so important and how adds value to our clients every day. [slideshare id=18067717&doc=backgroundchecksreduceemployeetheft-130402151508-phpapp01] Research on Employee Theft As reported in a recent study by Hayes […]

Criminal Background Checks Reduce the Cost of Turnover

The Employment Policy Foundation estimates the hidden costs of turnover. [slideshare id=18067718&doc=backgroundchecksreducecostofturnover-130402151508-phpapp02] Every employer experiences turnover. But some turnovers can be prevented by weeding out risky hires. For example, when an employer has to terminate an employee for theft, criminal behavior or other activities that harm the corporation, those hires can be reduced by doing […]