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SELECTiON.COM® is proud to announce we have partnered with Virtual Babysitters Club™ (“VBC”). VBC is a web-based platform that is connecting out-of-work performers with parents trying to work from home with young children. SELECTiON.COM® will conduct background checks on all performers and entertainers desiring to contract as virtual “babysitting” professionals with VBC. Recently, VBC was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America.

VBC’s network of professional performers entertain children remotely with interactive and engaging individual and group parties, magic and puppet shows, improv games, dance parties, sing-alongs, storytelling, trivia competitions, and homework help. VBC is also ramping up virtual camp programs for the summer while students are out of school. Parents can monitor and see if their child has moved away from the session via mobile device. It is designed to be fun for kids and provide comfort to busy working parents.

VBC also offers an Employer Partnership Subscription Program, which allows employers to reserve VBC’s network of performers on a dedicated private calendar from which employees can select sessions to book. For more information, go to

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