Team Fastrax To Honor Armed Forces With A Spectacular American Flag Skydive

On Friday, June 14, 2013, Team Fastrax will perform an American Flag Skydive near Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  It is part of a special event for Flag Day and also commemorates the birth of the United States Army.

The Flag Skydive is being sponsored by, a leading provider of criminal background checks and pre-employment screening services, as well as Start Skydiving. The event starts at 9 a.m., with a variety of historical and modern army units processing through Independence Mall. A flag raising ceremony in front of Independence Hall follows at 10 a.m. Commander in Chief George Washington will read the historic proclamation creating the U.S. Army and then visitors can enjoy birthday cake and view U.S. Army tactical vehicles at locations throughout the Mall.

Team Fastrax will be jumping into the mall around 12pm. There will be 6 skydivers in all, flying three 1,100 sq. ft. flags, one 500 sq. ft. flag, one 2,000 sq. ft. flag and a 3,500 sq. ft. flag.    The Team Fastrax skydivers take this honor very seriously, and gather the flags afterward with the utmost care. John Hart, Owner of Start Skydiving and member of Team Fastrax, stated, “Flying our Nations colors over Philadelphia and landing in front of Independence Hall is special to Team Fastrax for two reasons, the first being that our Nations Independence started right here. The second is that it has never been done before. To top it off, it is Flag Day and the birthday of the United States Army. So when you see these six enormous flags flying above Philadelphia at noon, take a moment to reflect upon the ‘freedom’ that you have and the human lives freely given for you to have it.”

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