President Says Criminals Don’t Make it Easy

A court employee who was recently arrested in a child sex investigation worked in the DWI court with a felony DWI conviction on record. President, James Boeddeker, says companies should beware; criminals will not make it easy to find their records.

This story was originally reported on 07/08/2013 by Fox 26 news.    This Site makes no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

According to Fox 26 news, a Montgomery County court employee has been arrested in a child sex investigation case. Investigators say they discovered 50 year old Donald Edward Huse searching online for sex with a child. Officials from the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office say Huse agreed to meet up with a 16 year old boy at the courthouse in a restroom for sex…that boy was actually an investigator. Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepraam also says the other strange twist to this story is Huse’s job. He worked as a staffer in Montgomery County’s DWI court in Conroe but arrest records show he has a felony DWI conviction from 2009. Investigators are not sure how he slipped through the cracks… However, while working for the county he only used his middle name.

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Article by Melissa Fleming