Report & ProtectTM

When it comes to keeping members of the church safe, there’s no single failproof method. It takes many layers of protection to create a safe space. According to Pope Francis’s recent Motu Proprio, all Dioceses must have a “public and accessible” system in place for reporting cases of abuse, by June 1, 2020.

Report & Protect is our new best practice tool developed to supplement the USCCB Bishop hotline and provide an outlet for all claims of abuse.

We believe that all Dioceses, large and small, deserve a quality, easy to use, third party application for the intake of reports of abuse.

Available 24 Hours a Day

Phone System – Our phone reporting system allows victims and witnesses of abuse to easily and privately report allegations. The automated voice system is available to callers 24 hours a day.

Mobile Friendly Website – The Report & Protect website is mobile friendly and serves as both an around the clock incoming report system and as a dashboard for Administrators. An easy to complete contact form is available for victims and witnesses of alleged abuse.

A unique confirmation number is generated for each incident report and is provided to the witness/victim so that they can check the status of their claim throughout the process.

Report & Protect handles all reports with equal care. The data is immediately sent on to the appropriate contact within each Archdiocese/Diocese.

Administrators have the option of selecting one or several contacts within the organization to receive notifications.

The system includes areas to document investigations into credible reports.


  • The Report & Protect administrative interface is available from anywhere at any time.
  • Report monitoring is available along all stages of the process. Users can add notes and edit the status of each report as it progresses.
  • Incident reports are sortable by date or status and are searchable by the alleged perpetrator.


  • For victim and witness protection, our entire network environment is physically and digitally secured behind several layers of protection and monitoring.
  • All digital communication is encrypted using the latest encryption standards.
  • All confidential report and personally identifiable information (PII) is viewable only by specific Diocesan Administrators, through a secure web login.