FCRA Notification Changes

Selection.com works hard for every client to provide full, accurate information while allowing the submittal process to be as simple as possible. We have long accepted the task of identifying and obtaining information necessary to complete this task. However, in balancing this with compliance and efficiency issues, we are making some changes that will require a little more information during the submittal process.

Section 613 of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act [15 U.S.C. § 1681k] requires Selection.com to notify an applicant if any adverse information is reported to a potential employer if the information is contained in a report such as Search America. In other words, if a Search America Report does not read “No Record Found,” we are required to notify the applicant.

Therefore, an applicant’s email address or physical address will become necessary when a Search America report is requested. We are updating our processes to allow the delivery of the above referenced notification via email to improve efficiency and better control costs. We will utilize a physical address and traditional delivery if an email address is not available.

In conjunction with this, we will also be asking for a current state of residence. Continued refinement to reporting filters makes this necessary. This refinement is an indication of our ongoing dedication to maintaining the supremacy of Search America as the best report of its kind in the industry.

Thank you for your understanding and help as we continue to update procedures to maintain full compliance while providing you with everything you need to make smart hiring decisions.

Thank you for choosing Selection.com.

Article by Melissa Fleming