In today’s world, where information is extremely important, how do you know you’re getting the correct information? Especially when you are making hiring decisions based off of this information. 

One major component is to make sure you’re entering and providing the most accurate information possible. A single typo can throw off the whole background screening process.

So, how do you know you have the correct information on an individual? Some rely solely on trusting the applicant, while others check photo ID’s to confirm the information. However, retrieving the correct information is only the first step. The second step is making sure to enter the correct information.

Some background checks run on Name and Date of Birth or through Social Security Numbers. If one letter or number is incorrect, it could possibly skew the results in their entirety. This could be the difference between a great hire and risky hire that could potentially be a liability to the company.

Since there is no way to tell if the information provided is inaccurate, the system is going to run the full background check report with the name and information you provided. If a typo is missed or you enter the wrong data, we have to start the request over from the beginning. Both scenarios cost additional time and money to correct.

At SELECTiON.COM® we stress the importance of reviewing this vital information. Before you can submit an applicant for screening you should check the review page to make sure everything has been entered correctly. It’s important for both applicants and employers to understand how important correct information can be.

We do this because the correct information is so vital to complete an accurate background check. Always remember, the information you receive is only as good as the information you provide.