Criminal Background Checks help reduce employee theft

The Importance of Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks and Pre-Employment Drug Screenings are two essential components of any hiring process.  This blog entry shows why these background checks are so important and how adds value to our clients every day.

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Research on Employee Theft

As reported in a recent study by Hayes International, employee theft is a major problem in business today.  In 2010, 69,373 employees were arrested for workplace theft. In those cases, over $44 MILLION was recovered.  One in 33 employees was apprehended for theft from their employer in 2010.  Dishonest employees steal 5.9 times MORE often than shoplifters!!!

Consider that these figures do not include:

  • Stolen time by employees (time paid for no work)
  • Stolen time of employers (time spent monitoring and responding to employee theft)
  • Stolen reputation of the company name or brand name
  • Stolen morale of other honest employees

If the AVERAGE shows that 1 in 33 employees is guilty of theft, how can YOU beat those odds?

The answer is criminal background checks and pre-employment drug screening.

How can help

At, we have been providing employment background checks for HR professionals for over 20 years.  We serve thousands of clients and perform millions of background searches every year.

To make it easy for clients to manage different types of background checks on candidates, employees, volunteers, etc., we’ve built a free web-based system called Fastrax Select.  This system provides a single point of control, integrates with your HR software and does not have setup fees or monthly access fees.

Read the testimonials from our clients, or read our client  case-studies to see how we save time and money while delivering the most accurate and comprehensive background checks possible.

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