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What Today’s Employers Need Most From Their Employment Screening Providers

Ninety-six percent of employers conduct at least one type of background check to guide their hiring-related decision, according to the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). Ninety-four percent of employers incorporate some form of a criminal history check in their screening programs.  Criminal history checks are an essential part of the background screening process for hiring. Employers rely heavily on these […]


Continuous Monitoring: The New Compliance Must-Have

New technology helps companies to go beyond pre-employment checks and allows for the monitoring of current employees for concerning behavior. Continuous monitoring is a real game-changer for employment screening and adds immeasurable value to any employer. While some industries are mandated to do periodic screening, there are more companies than ever embracing some form of […]


Three Ways to Reduce the Risk of Hiring Someone Who Has Lied on Their Resume

Even in a digital world, resumes are still relied upon heavily in the hiring process. Especially in a world of “first impressions”, information provided on the resume is often the difference between an applicant being hired or rejected.   But, how do you know the information is truthful?   In a recent CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,500 hiring managers, 56% have caught job candidates lying on their resumes.  […]