Considering an Applicant With a Criminal Record

According to the U.S Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), over 90 million individuals, approximately 30% of the population in the country, have a criminal record on file in state criminal history repositories.   This statistic does not include traffic infractions (e.g., improper turns, parking violations, failure to stop, some speeding violations, among others) which are the most common […]


How to Handle National Criminal Database Searches

As part of your hiring process, do you currently run ONLY a national criminal database search on your applicants? If so, you’re making a mistake. A criminal database search, while certainly very helpful, should only be used as a supplement to further research, which typically includes county criminal, federal, state, etc. The most common misconception […]


Top 5 Background Check Mistakes

Virtually no HR manager or recruiter will claim that it’s getting easier to hire. In addition to a very competitive job market, qualified candidates seem to be harder to find, tougher to attract and they all seem to be more selective than ever. And that’s just the recruitment side of hiring! Once a company has […]