COVID-19 Related Research Delays

This post is meant to provide general information regarding court closures across the United States. Please always check the log notes of individual background checks for the most current information. ALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. STATE / COUNTY STATUS     CA, Humboldt CLOSED CA, Lake OPEN CA, Marin OPEN CA, Mariposa […]


Hiring During the COVID-19 Pandemic- Part 2

As some states are enacting or ramping up their stay at home orders, others are starting their plans to open back up. Along with the President’s guidelines on “Opening Up America,” there are many safety measures outlined that businesses will need to follow. Add to that the EEO guidelines, and many companies are now in […]


Hiring During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Emergency shutdown procedures are being enacted across the U.S., causing disruptions in the lives of many Americans. Some companies are being forced to shut down completely, while others are struggling to keep up with increased traffic. In the coming weeks, in addition to the new hires being needed just to meet demand, many of these […]


COVID-19 Update: Continuing Operations

As SELECTiON.COM® implements its continuity of operations plan, our methods of communication will shift to primarily digital mediums. While we will still be answering the phones, email and our online chat will be the most efficient means to reach us during this time. We are continuing to operate as normal and we will continue to […]


5 Essential Background Screening Tips

Employers want peace of mind over a potential new hire. Performing background checks is an excellent way to make sure you are making the right hiring decision. There are many laws that companies need to follow, so it’s essential to have a background check plan and knowledgeable screening partner to avoid costly litigation.  Below are the best practices for pre-employment background screening programs to help guarantee compliance with laws and give […]


The Importance of Candidate Experience with Background Checks

The way you handle background checks is vital to a candidate’s experience within your organization.  Candidate experience is essential in today’s tight job market, and an increasing number of companies are putting this first. A candidate’s journey is everything a job applicant goes through, from application to onboarding or rejection. A terrible applicant experience can […]


Background Check Best Practices

When searching the pool of job candidates, finding the right person is not always an easy task. One essential piece of the hiring process is running a background check. Ninety-six percent of employers run background checks on candidates, according to a PBSA national survey.  It is a critical part of recruitment and onboarding. When searching for a […]

Top Ten Pre-Employment Screening Companies 2019

SELECTiON.COM® Named in Top 10 Pre-Employment Screening Companies List – 2019

HR Tech Outlook recently announced its “Top 10 Pre-Employment Screening Consulting/Services Companies – 2019.” We are excited to announce that SELECTiON.COM® is a part of the list.   HR Tech Outlook magazine provides a knowledge network for a complete guide on innovative technologies for top talent acquisition, HR management, and payroll.  SELECTiON.COM® is described as “offering pre-employment screening software and the largest network of […]

Employees looking at a computer

Should You Screen Current Employees?

You’ve hired a new employee. After sending them a job offer, you run a background check to search for any red flags. Their previous employment, education, and criminal history all come back clear. So you’re done with employee screening now, right? Well, not exactly. To continue to have a safe workplace and for your customer’s safety, it […]