Search America® Becoming Even More Comprehensive

The largest proprietary criminal database in the United States is growing by more than 25%!

SELECTiON.COM® today announced that its Search America® database will add more than 300 sources of criminal information, growing the source list to nearly 1,500 effective July 15, 2017.

Additionally, SELECTiON.COM® is working to add another 300 sources to the Search America® lineup by the end of the year, bringing the total to slightly more than 1,800 by January 1, 2018.

Search America® now contains more than 750-million records and that number is growing almost daily. Available exclusively to SELECTiON.COM® customers, a Search America® report provides a multi-jurisdictional search of criminal record databases, Government Watch lists – including Department of Corrections records – and Sex Offender registries from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and the District of Columbia.

Clear searches are returned almost immediately, and all searches returning with records are reviewed manually by our experienced research team to reduce false positive results and to ensure accuracy. In those cases, the average turnaround time is two to three hours, during normal business hours – Monday thru Friday, 8AM to 5PM.

Per FCRA Guidelines, all returned results are limited to State and Federal reporting restrictions. All Search America® data is housed internally on SELECTiON.COM® secured servers.


SELECTiON.COM® is a nationwide provider of criminal and pre-employment background screenings, also referred to as a Consumer Reporting Agency. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, SELECTiON.COM® is a registered Veteran-Owned Small Business that offers more than 21 background and data collection services. SELECTiON.COM® has been in business since 1991.