Background Checks & Ban The Box

Employers who decide to implement a background screening process for job applicants, or engage the services of a third party to do it for them, will immediately discover an assortment of challenging and involved statutes, laws, and regulations. Ban The Box is an important regulation to be aware of, and it’s crucial for you to understand how it applies to your company.

What is the Ban The Box?

As of January 2015, Washington D.C. and over 100 cities and counties had adopted what are widely known as “ban the box” policies so employers consider job candidates’ qualifications first, without the stigma of any criminal record.

So-called “Ban the Box” initiatives are meant to provide job applicants a fair chance by removing conviction history questions on job application forms and delaying background check inquiries until later in the hiring process.

Included In This Whitepaper:

  • Does this affect you?
  • Government Contractors & Private Employers
  • Ban The Box state map
  • 10 best practices
  • How SELECTiON.COM® can help