3 Retail Holiday Hiring Challenges

by Julie F. Burke, Vice President of Sales SELECTiON.COM® The retail industry faces some unique challenges when it comes to performing background checks during the Holiday season and hiring the best employees possible. Based upon my experience working in the retail industry for over 15 years and working here with retail clients at SELECTiON.COM® for […]


Why are Client Testimonials so important?

Just like the world around us, consumer needs are constantly changing. And because of that, companies need to keep up by understanding their client’s needs. As consumers, we like to research and read reviews before making a purchase. In large part, that’s because clients like the easy access to social media to help them spread […]

Drug Testing Blog

Drug Testing: Marijuana and Positive Results

Many companies throughout the U.S. not only run background checks on their applicants, but they also perform a drug screening. There are many different types of drug panels that companies can run on potential employees, with a 10-panel urinalysis being the most common. This type of drug panel searches the top five street drugs (cocaine, […]

Why Industry Matters When it comes to Background Checks

By Julie F. Burke November 21, 2016 Knowing the background of your applicant can be the greatest indicator of their ability to do their job. There are many different types of background checks that can be run on your applicants and you want to make sure your background screening program is customized to be industry and job specific. Flexible and tailored background screening solutions will […]