Audit vs. Review

The Case for a Hiring Audit- If your work requires you to manage multiple tasks to achieve a desired outcome, then a periodic audit should be part of your annual plan. But, why an audit instead of a review? A review of current processes typically looks at how, when, why and how much money is […]

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4 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process

Most HR Professionals have experienced losing an “A” candidate due to delays in the hiring process. A recent study published by Management Recruiters International (MRI) showed that “47% of declined offers in 2015 were due to candidates accepting other jobs” between application and offer. A statistic that was “up 10% from the first half of […]


How to Handle E-Verify Obligations for Acquired Employees

If you are utilizing the Government’s right to work program, E-Verify, you may be interested in the following. Many organizations grow through acquisition. Expanding into a new territory or market can bring great opportunities for a growing company. But, how do these acquisitions impact HR, particularly when it comes to participation in E-Verify? As the […]

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The Sweetest Words I Ever Hear

INFORMATION OVERLOAD Most of us are inundated with calls from marketers and sales people throughout the day, even if we’re not the one making the ultimate buying decision. So even though no one likes the sound of the office phone ringing incessantly, often times it’s easier to just let the call go to voicemail. Returning […]