4 Ways Selection.com Adds Value

4 Ways Selection.com adds value to your background check program

Beyond great customer service & quality research, Selection.com simplifies everything you do. We will outline below the 4 main ways we add value.

7 Year Search

Some states, industries and companies have set hiring policies that use only 7 years of an applicant’s history when making a hiring decision. This can save time, because it reduces the volume of criminal records to review. It can also allow for clemency and a second-chance depending on company values.

In other cases, a 7 year search can simply be a way to manage costs. By reducing the scope of criminal searches, we can reduce the number of county courthouses we search, for example.

Whatever your goals are, we can help you develop and implement policies that improve your workflow, demonstrate your values or contain costs.


All Names Search (maiden/alias)

Depending on your requirements, we can restrict or broaden our search criteria to include maiden names and/or aliases. We find that many clients in the nursing field want to include maiden names, since they deal with so many young female candidates.

By broadening your searches to include maiden names and aliases, you can ensure thorough searches. We can help you develop a set of reports that best matches your needs.

Secure Applicant Entry (maiden/alias)

Many volunteer organizations, and a lot of companies with sub-contractors use Applicant Entry to reduce data entry time and typing errors. Our Applicant Entry solution uses the highest level of encryption and 21 other points of security to ensure your applicant’s personal information is safe.

Let us help you develop an applicant entry solution that can integrate with your current website, or interact directly with applicants via email.


Applicant Pay

More and more organizations are seeing the value of asking candidates to cover the cost of their own background check. Our Secure Applicant Entry solution provides the security for that to happen, and our Applicant Pay solution allows the candidate to securely pay for the background check.

We can help you identify the best solution for you- including the option of incorporating Fastrax Tokens that allow your branches or field offices to cover the costs one a case-by-case basis.

Fastrax Select
In additional to the features above, Selection.com has innovative, reliable, internet based systems that handle a high volume of background screening requests. Our suite of Background Check applications consists of:

Fastrax Select ™ – a web application for submitting and accessing background reports
Fastrax Network ™ – a standards based SOAP Web Service for clients that want direct integration with their own applications
Fastrax Quality Assurance ™ – our researchers carefully review screenings before delivery
Fastrax Delivery Services ™ – we offer delivery of reports via Fax, Email and Web Services or direct HTTP Post to third party systems
Fastrax Operations ™ – we employ a quality team of operators that will take your requests over the phone.

Why not trust us with ALL of your background checks? Contact us today.