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Civic Pride
At, serving the community also means supporting the community. We are committed to helping key organizations fulfill their mission of improving the quality of life for all of us.

Team Fastrax is proud to be an official sponsor of Team Fastrax, the World’s largest commercial skydiving team that competes and performs at the highest levels in the sport of skydiving.

Integration has innovative, reliable, internet based systems that handle a high volume of background screening requests. Our systems run on state of the art Dell Servers with enterprise database systems from Microsoft.

You want to hire the best employee for the job. Criminal searches and drug testing can help you avoid drugs in the workplace and high employee turnover cost.

FAQ On Background Checks
Q. Is it legal to do background checks on my job applicants?
A. Yes. Remember to follow the “knowledge and consent” issues of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and have the applicant sign a Release Form.

HR Knowledge continually provides information to the Human Resource community concerning issues of importance on employee screening, and general background check knowledge

MedVerify has been created as a data bank of employment information to provide the full employment history of an applicant.  Designed in conjunction with the Greater Cincinnati Health Council, MedVerify will revolutionize the industry.

  • I spoke with Cory and Amanda and both were fantastic! They explained everything and were very helpful.–(Paulette) Another Satisfied Customer (February 2015)

  • I rated the chat a 5 out of 5 because Amanda is the best!!! knows her stuff... quick and efficient…–(Karla) Another Satisfied Customer (January 2015)

  • LeAnn is always on the money understanding what I need and what I am asking for, so I can count on the information I get.–(Cheryl) Another Satisfied Customer (December 2014)

  • [®] has worked out so well for us. I’m just sorry I didn’t find you a long time ago.–(Carla) Another Satisfied Customer (November 2014)

  • Quick, through, and courteous. A+ –(Ken) Another Satisfied Customer (October 2014)

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